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About Us

Compulsion Control was founded by Dr. Ilisa Kaufman. Dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment for clients experiencing OCD and other compulsive behavioral problems. Under her guidance, we have a team in place ready to guide you through the treatment. With the goal of reducing your unproductive and unwanted compulsive behaviors. 

Get to Know Our Founder

Ilisa Kaufman, Psy.D is extremely passionate about treating individuals whose lives have been taken over by compulsions. When treating these conditions, Ilisa aggressively utilizes her own RIP-R therapy. She will continuously work with clients until they reach recovery and reclaim their lives.

Ilisa Kaufman is certified and trained in using Exposure and Response Prevention therapy. She modified this therapy, in order to help herself get into OCD recovery. Now, she is sharing her new therapy with others. 


Core Values


We express our desire to help you overcome your behavior and improve your mental health.


Our therapists will always respect your choice and decision throughout the treatment process.


When servicing our clients, we provide genuine care and concern for their welfare.

Connect With Us

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